Active Network

Active Network

I joined Active when the company was going through a major reorganization. The technology company had grown so fast through acquisitions that it had lost a little of its roots and needed to find its way. It was an exciting time to come in as I was able to help rebuild the branding, streamline internal and external materials, including sales, product, and marketing pieces.

Active Network, Inc

Director of Media & Inspiration


Our Active World

Every year Active brings as many customers together as it can. We set out to capture the experience but more important to capture the world of our customers, and the activities they bring to life.

Active X

ActiveX holds a special place in my heart and this was a love of labor more than it was a part of my job but mostly I felt I was fortunate to be able to capture so many great moments. I’m proud of this almost 1-hour long documentary that tells the story of so many great people.

Changing the World, One Movement at a Time.
In 2012 we challenged people to participate in the Solana Beach Triathlon. We not only helped people achieve something they might never have done on their own, but we raised money for some amazing charities. Along the way a crew tagged along to capture this amazing story. This is the ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, a story of humans coming together for a greater good, using courage, passion, their determination and love to change live, forge a legacy, and change the world.

Active's First National TV Spot

With 2 weeks to get something done (though maybe I should have said 1 week to keep the joke going), we got creative and went through old footage. The idea was to match old filled up footage, shoot empty footage and combine them. That doesn’t sound as good as it looks so just watch instead of reading this, oh… too late.

The new

Produced a video for internal and external audiences to introduce the new version of

Active Conference

Even a complex product can still have some feeling.