Cookies & Milk

Free "As a bird" Lancer

I started my own business as a freelancer, using my variety of knowledge to help clients with pretty much anything they needed. One day I was helping a grandmother use her e-mail, the next day I was creating a new website for an orthodontist in need of a web presence, and the next day I was updating and completely re-branding a website for a multi-million dollar water pump business. After three years of working on different projects, I was hired by one of my busiest clients,

Though Cookies & Milk didn’t come until 2011 I’ve been doing creative work for 14 years excluding my career. I have had some great clients,  been fortunate to have met a lot of great people and worked on some amazing projects.

Check out the website to learn the story—or take me out to dinner: 

Cookies & Milk

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