One of the fastest growing startups, Classy raised 30+ Million dollars with the goal to redefine how non-profits raise money, connect with donors and make an impact on the world.

I have been lucky to take part in some incredible projects while at Classy. They have some amazing customers and it’s always easier to find a great story and work on some incredible stuff when there is a larger purpose everyone is working towards.

Classy Inc.

Manager Brand & Visual Storytelling


Barbells for Boobs - Finding Purpose

“Cecy never told me she had cancer,” Zionna says. “As a supporter, you feel helpless…it’s almost an awakening to say…what am I doing with my own life, and how am I impacting the world?”

Zionna goes on to share how that moment changed her life and help fuel her passion to start Barbells for Boobs. In just 5 short years Z has grown Barbells for Boobs into a multi-million dollar organization that drives social change. Barbells for Boobs believes Everyone Has a RIGHT to Know™ if they are living with cancer. Their impact on social change has resulted in 30,194 procedures provided, 199 cases of breast cancer detected, and 16,442 individuals served.

Design Your Movement

One of the outstanding facts about this video is the time table I was given. One week before the CEO’s keynote at their Collaborative conference he sent me an email and said he wanted to have a video showing off the new CF product.


And we did it. Albeit it came down to the last minute but we were able to put together a really powerful story, one that garnered lots of praise from the audience and employees.

This video makes a great case that even products can have amazing stories, might just take a little “pressure” to find it.

Classy Awards

It was a great honor to once again be a part of the Classy Awards. All the Winners are astounding and are doing some incredible work. We are inspired and moved by what they do and are honored to partake in creating these videos. I think this might be one of our favorite projects we participate in every year.

Learn more about the Classy Awards by visiting

Customer Story: Team Rubicon

One of Classy’s greatest assets is its customers. These clients are out in the world trying to change it for the better. There is no one more trustworthy and better suited to be a champion for Classy then the customers who use it. Team Rubicon was the first customer story I produced at Classy and it helped set the tone and motivation for where Classy is headed in the coming years.