Being a Monster

Monster Worldwide, or as most people know them had an investor meeting in New York and were in the middle of launching a huge new product but were in a bit of a pickle. They couldn’t demo it due to legal issues.

I brought my editing station in —at that time a huge mac pro with a huge screen—setup a temporary office in one of their conference rooms and started plucking away.

A week later I was in New York where I was introduced to the CEO of Monster and was a liaison to the production company running the event, making sure all the presentation decks and equipment were right. After the CIO delivered my presentation He told me had a need for a guy like me, 8 months later Monster called.

I started at Monster July 2010 and pushed and tested not only myself but the others around me. I produced the iPhone app launch video, countless decks for conventions, investors and board meetings. I helped launched BeKnown, a professional network built on top a Facebook. With guided tours, design and product influence and even the building and writing for the BeKnown Blog, I was an interregnal part of the team and helped out on all different projects across all different departments.

Monster was a huge company and it was a lot of fun getting to run around and find all the ways I could make an impact.

Monster Inc

Video, Brand, Design, Presentations